Secrets of Eyebrow Hair Removal

Secrets of Eyebrow Hair Removal

Some of us were just blessed with perfectly shaped eye brows at birth. Others of us have to pluck and wax and shave our way to eyebrow glory. A perfectly shaped eyebrow will frame your eyes and create a more balanced and beautiful look to your face. Instead of having those bushy caterpillars over your eyes, many of us need to shape them ourselves using a variety of tools.

Shaving has been used for a long time on the eyebrows. Some people shave off certain areas, whereas others shave off their entire eyebrow and then draw them in afterwards with an eye pencil. Unfortunately it doesn’t take long for the hair to grow back after shaving it.

Plucking can be a painful task, as you have to tear each hair out individually, one after the other. Afterwards, your eyebrow area is usually red with irritation. However, the hair doesn’t grow back nearly as fast as it does with shaving.

Waxing is another method similar to tweezing, but you tear the bandage off all at once instead of plucking each individual hair out. The results last about as long as tweezing.

More and more women are starting to use a hair removal cream like Revitol to get their perfectly shaped brows. All you need to do is put the cream on the areas where you want the hair to be gone from, and then wait a bit and wipe it off. The hair comes right out, and you are left looking in the mirror at perfect and painless brows.

An added bonus with using Revitol cream is that it works just as well on all the other parts of your body such as your upper lip, underarms, bikini line, or anywhere else you have unwanted hair.

Eyebrow hair removal isn’t usually easy, but for many of us it is a necessary part of our beauty routine. If you are used to plucking or waxing, try out the cream and you will be glad that you did.

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