Cinch Diet

Cinch Diet

The cinch diet by Cynthia Sass is an easy way to lose weight which has as targets women aged 25 or older. It can change your life without compromising flavour or food enjoyment, says Sass.

First 5 days

Cinch is a 30-day plan that starts with 5 days of eating only organic eggs, spinach, almonds, raspberries and yogurt or vegetarian alternatives. Depending on how much you weigh, you may lose up to 8 pounds during the 5-day fast-forward phase.

This quick weight loss is not marketed as a fat loss plan; it rather helps dieters to change their lifestyle. Also, reduces cravings and helps you appreciate more the natural flavours of whole foods.

After the first 5 days

Sass promotes "clean eating" of healthy, natural foods without artificial ingredients, additives or sweeteners. In the book you can find recipes for daily meals. You are allowed to eat four daily meals which Sass calls a puzzle that has 5 pieces: produce, whole grains, lean protein, plant-based fats, seasoning and optionally a cup of coffee.

Red meat, pork, alcohol and diet sodas are forbidden until you reach your goal weight. Sass recommends eating five vegetarian meals per week.

Cinch includes 100 meals which you can choose from for healthy and also tasteful food.

Calories, physical activity and weight loss

There is no need to count calories on the Cinch plan. Calories are kept in control if you eat recommended portions sizes. Nutrition experts estimate that you eat about 1,300 calories per day during the "fast-forward" phase and around 1,600 calories per day on the core plan.

But this diet is not only about what you eat. Physical activity is very important. Sass recommends getting at least 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week. There is no need to do this during the fast-forward phase.

How much weight you lose depends on your starting weight; heavier people usually lose more weight. Mostly people who follow the Cinch plan lose about 10 pounds or more during the 30 days of dieting, even if you skip the 5-day fast-forward plan, Sass says.