Top 5 exercises and fitness that you can do from your home

Top 5 exercises and fitness that you can do from your home

We can evolve some basic habits anytime, meant to change our life in good and, what is the most important, the fact that the routine that you’ve set to achieve is available for everyone. So you don’t have any excuse to not acquire a healthy life style, through simple workout. The good news is that types of exercises and fitness discussed today don’t focus only on your physical health, but also in a couple of months, you can observe how stress can be diminished considerably, and you’re going to make progress on emotional level to the balance you need.

Push-ups – by far the best exercises you can do for your abdominal muscles, without the necessity of any kind of equipment. They are efficient for muscle strengthening, and maintaining them into maximum shape. Abs are not always a walk in the park, and lots of us avoid them with perseverance, but once the results start showing up, you’ll become in love with this type of exercises and you’ll never want to give up on it. So that muscles begin to define you will need to do more than 10 crunches. Don’t expect spectacular results, if you put minimal effort. Try four mini series of 30 crunches each, daily and you’ll notice positive changes in your body.


Balancing legs. An exercise and fitness fairly simple and enjoyable in the same time, if you’ve gotten used to it. You lay on your back, on the floor, with your arms stretched besides you. You lift the floors parallel with the floor and slowly leave one until it’s on the floor. In that moment, you start lifting it up and lowering the other. In just a couple of weeks, you’ll notice how the inferior abdomen and the upper part of your legs get a greater strength, and the muscles tone. The results of this type of exercise are guaranteed in a very short time.

Push-ups. Are not fun, I know. They are, from my point of view, one of the most hated exercises from the modern training. But the positive effects that they have are enough of a reason to hug the floor a couple of times, daily. If it’s impossible for you to help yourself with the strength from your foot toes, you can try “half a push-up”, namely backing up on your knees. The results will appear a little harder, but they won’t be late that much as you think. Your arms and chest need power, so if you want or not, push-ups are mandatory.

Treadmills. Mandatory in every home.Essential conditions. I don’t want to think that you didn’t acquire a treadmill. They say it’s the oldest exercise in the world. For millennial, people ran, without knowing the beneficial effects that this sport has on our heart and over our health in general. Calories are getting burned, fat starts to melt, our mind starts awakening. It’s the most enjoyable exercise, and like I said before, a basic condition to keep in shape.

The exercises that I’ve listed are not something new for you, I’m certain. Novelty is this: dedicate an hour every day, from your time and alternate with these exercises.


They are the guaranty of a long and healthy life. If it gets in your reflex, in just two months, you can observe how the world around you starts changing in good, along with the positive transformations that will happen to your body.

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