Success Story :: Cait :: 24 Hour Fitness

Success Story :: Cait :: 24 Hour Fitness

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Caitlin Pomeroy’s story borders on the miraculous. At age 55, she was 200 pounds, and had both of her knees replaced. She felt she could never be in shape again because of her surgeries. Nevertheless, as a Valentine’s Day present to her husband, she got them both memberships to 24 Hour Fitness. She hired a trainer, and he taught her how to exercise while recovering from the surgeries. Because her legs were in such bad shape, he suggested she try kayaking. She, thought he was crazy, but gave it a try. A year of training and 60 dropped pounds later, he talked her into a 100-mile kayak race. She says, “it nearly killed me”, but they finished. This is where Cait’s story takes a dramatic turn – after all her hard work and weight loss, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She says, “in a way, I exercised my way out of breast cancer, it saved my life.” Today Cait is healthy, happy, and still entering 100-mile kayak races.

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