Health Insurance - Part 53

Health Insurance - Part 53

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Welcome to Grand Rounds.  With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, we thought we’d get you in the spirit by highlighting articles that involve thankfulness and gratitude.

How To Cope With Pain brings us a truly amazing video.  It’s a reminder to be thankful for all that we have, and for the things in life (like this video) that inspire us.  It’s well worth the five minutes it takes to watch it.

Amy Tenderich of Diabetes Mine shares a “would you rather…?” moment from her 9-year old daughter.  It’s a poignant reminder, seen through the eyes of a child, that all of the parts of our lives – even the bad parts – combine to make us who we are.

Kerri Sparling, of Six Until Me, has a very moving story about her pregnancy and how the online diabetes community has helped her along the way.  Kerri has put an immense amount of effort into getting her body ready for a baby, and it’s wonderful to know that things are going well for her and her husband as they expand their family.

The Hippocratic Oaf gives us some glimpses of life as a medical student, detailing interactions with patients and highlighting incidents that remind him to be grateful for his own life and health.

The rest of the articles cover a wide range of subjects, from the perspectives of patients, doctors, nurses, and policy makers.  Read on…

Dr. Val Jones, writing at Get B

BCBSAL has a unique walking program available to their members.  More information is available on their webiste.

The walking program offers the opportunity to make a committment to walk regularly and to keep a record of your success.  Research shows that a regular routine of walking briskly daily can help with weight loss, lowering cholesterol, strengthening your heart and reducing health problems down the road. 

The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports recommends 30 minutes of brisk walking five days a week.  It also is recommened to take approximately 10,000 steps daily to produce the best results.  The BCBSAL Walking Works Program online assists in these goals.  It outlines the importance of walking and offers all the tools you will need to make your walking program effective.

Healthcare Reform in Maine: Warning To U.S.?

A recent New York Times highlighted Maine’s attempts at comprehensive healthcare reform. Their experiences serve as a cautionary tale for Congress.   The state established a public health insurance plan, expanded Medicare and Medicaid eligibility, and banned insurers from refusing to cover people with pre-existing conditions, but those actions have done  little to insure more of its residents.  Contrary to the promises of public option supporters, health care costs have only continued to rise in the state.

Reasons for the high health care costs range from the state-specific to the general. Unli

Welcome to the Health Wonk Review.  2009 has been an exciting year for health care reform, and last Saturday’s passage of HR3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act, has given us plenty to talk about.  For anyone who hasn’t kept up on the details of the House reform bill, I want to start things off with a four-part series from Tim Jost, who holds the Robert L Willett Family Professorship of Law at the Washington and Lee University School of Law.  His articles were published at Health Affairs Blog, and amount to an excellent primer, written in plain English, for people who want to understand HR3962, but don’t have time to read all 1990 pages.

First, we have an overview of the bill.  Then there’s an article devoted to the public option and insurance exchange.  Next, you can read about how the reforms will impact delivery systems.  And to round things out, there’s an article that details the last minute changes to the bill (like the Stupak amendment).  A big thanks to Professor Jost for making the reform bill so easy to understand.

Now that we all understand what the House of Representatives has been up to lately, I’d like to highlight a few other posts that I particularly enjoyed this week:

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