Yellow tea

Yellow tea

Have you heard of yellow tea?...Probably not! This tea is rare. It''s not a common tea drink.


* very rare and uncommon tea

* leaves are not dried (unfermented)

* The tea water is tranparent

* it tastes sweet

* Has more bold and constant taste

* The most well known is Shun Shan yellow needle tea


What''s special about this tea ?

The processing of this rare tea is very similar to green tea. This means that the tea leaves are not oxidized. The only difference is that tea leaves are roasted over and over again to make it yellow.

The dried products of this rare tea look like green tea leaves have gone bad. The color is kind of yellowish and have needle-like shape.

This is a very uncommon kind of tea. You probably have a very hard time finding it. There may be a small possibility that you can find it in a tea store that has a great selection of tea.

When brewed, the tea color is mostly transparent. But if you look at it from another angle, you can see a touch of yellow color, especially around the area of the tea leaves.

This rare tea has pleasant fragrance and taste sweet with a hint of sourness. Compare to white tea, this kind of tea has bolder and more constant falvor.

Its unique characteristic is that once it touches your tongue, it seems to evaporate right away. You tongue feels dry as if you didn''t even drink tea.

This kind of tea can keep its taste and fragrance for a long time. If you leave your cup for hours, came back, the tea still taste the same. The tea now just got colder.

The most of famous of yellow tea is Shun Shan yellow needle tea. Often, tea leaves accumulate at the bottom of the cup. But if you try of brew yellow tea, you will see that the leaves float in the middle of the water.

Not falling down to the bottom, nor floating on the surface, they just stay in the middle. It was quite interesting to see.

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