Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses, Better Protection For Your Eyes

Polarized Bifocal Sunglasses, Better Protection For Your Eyes

Decrease Of Visibility Along With Aging

Along with age, our visibility will declined. We will experience a decrease in flexibility of the eye muscles. As a result, many people have difficulty difficulties in view objects at close range. A good example is when we read. People like this need a bifocal glasses, or reading glasses. Try testing your eyes. Take a newspaper, start reading in the normal range, about 30 centimeters. If you can still read it, congratulations to you, because it seems you do not need bifocal glasses yet. To maintain the health of your eyes, its is good to do eye exercises regularly at least once a day, preferably when you wake up in the morning. Exercises such as move the eyes quickly horizontally to the left and to the right, vertically up and down, to the upper left corner and the bottom right corner, to the upper right corner and the bottom left corner, do circular motion clockwise and anti-clockwise, will maintain the flexibility of your eye muscles. If you are aged 40 or more, it is wise to consider to keep yourself in better nutrition levels, because it affects the durability of your eyes in subsequent years.

Danger of UV Radiation To Human Eyes

Vision Council is an organization with a mission to provide learning/ education for people about the dangers of UV rays to the human eye. In one statement, vision council mentions how dangerous UV radiation to the eye, which can cause photokeratitis and cataract. Furthermore, UV radiation can cause eye cancer! This is often overlooked by people, because they feel their eyes are fine. Adverse effects are not direct but cumulative, and sometimes it takes many years until the negative effects start to appear. I advise you to start protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. You do not want to wait until it’s too late is not it? We only have a pair of eyes, that’s why we are obliged to look after it as much as possible. Vision Council recommends protective eyewear and sunglasses to protect your eyes while you are outdoors in a sunny day. Sunglasses proven to absorb UV radiation so that the eyes are protected from harmful radiation. According to the organization, 40 percent of adults in the U.S. do not use sunglasses outdoors. An optometrist, Dr.. Adamopoulos talks about the dangers of UV radiation to human eyes. The short term danger among others are, the risk of photokeratitis, eye irritation, Redness, swelling eyes, and the risk of hypersensitivity of the eye lens. In the long term, the dangers that may arise include premature aging of the eye muscles, wrinkles, prerygium or abnormal growth of the eye and eyelids. In addition there is a danger of developing cataracts, macular degeneration, and the most frightening is the possibility of eye cancer.

Here’s a glimpse of the facts about the attitude of the people in the U.S. against UV exposures. Only less than 72% of adults in the U.S. use sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun. Vision Council reported that only 60% of people who use sunglasses outside. Only 48% of adults in the U.S. who gave their children wear sunglasses to protect their children’s eyes from UV radiation. Danger that children face is greater to UV radiation because their activities outside the home are much more than adults, and children’s eyes is weaker than adult eyes. Therefore, it is important to protect your eyes using sunglasses. There are various types of sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, non-prescription sunglasses, UV coated soft lenses, and polarized sunglasses.

What Is Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses are sunglasses with polarization lenses that can block the glare and dazzling reflection, so a polarized sunglasses is capable to not only reduces the light intensity but also acts really as light filter. The effect is a much clearer view. People who do a lot of outdoors activities in the daytime much benefit from polarized sunglasses. Athletes such as ski athletes, cyclists, runners, golfers and anglers, are the many who have been using these glasses. In addition to athletes, outdoor workers also usually wear them. For motorists having these glasses is important, because it can block the blinding horizontal light reflection from the front, so the road conditions will be seen more clearly. Polarized sunglasses wearer will be able to feel a significant difference compared with ordinary sunglasses, and their eyes will feel more comfortable. But the people who work with the lcd panel should not use this type of lens, because polarized lenses can actually make a lcd screen is not clearly visible. People like pilots, and laptop users outside outdoor may be having difficulty in vision due to polarized sunglasses. It can be more dangerous in a situation or condition where a decision must be taken quickly, where the view to the lcd is often need to be done briefly. Photochromatic polarized sunglasses have a unique lens, which can change its lens color inside and outside the room. When in the room, photocrhomatic lens will become brighter, and when it is outdoors in daylight this lens will become darker.

Bifocal Polarized Sunglasses For Farsighted People

People who suffer from farsightedness, as well as doing a lot of outdoor activities will need a bifocal sunglasses. Bifocal sunglasses is a bifocal glasses that is designed to be a sunglasses also. Its dual function is greatly facilitates a person with presbyopia in outdoor activities, because with these glasses they do not need to carry two glasses. With only a bifocal sunglasses, they get a bifocal glasses and also a sunglasses that protect their eyes from UV radiation which is harmful to the eyes. In summer, the sale of bifocal sunglasses are usually increased. Now many glasses of this type is available on the market and is easily purchased. If you are browsing on “bifocal sunglasses” on the internet, you can easily find lots of sellers as well as the explanation about it. More than a regular bifocal sunglasses, polarized bifocal sunglasses offer protection and greater comfort for the wearer. As I’ve said, polarized lenses have the more capability to filter out glare, more than a non-polarized lenses. Eyes will feel more comfortable, and the view will becomes clearer. I recommend to choose a polarized bifocal sunglasses rather than a non polarized, because this kind of sunglasses is better than non-polarized bifocal sunglasses. Is polarized bifocal sunglasses expensive? Not really. Nowadays polarized bifocal sunglasses widely available at really affordable price. But if you are the person who care about style, a designer polarized bifocal sunglasses can be your choice.

When choosing a bifocal polarized sunglasses, consider the reading convenience and the level of protection of UV rays against the eye. It is sometimes confusing. On the one hand the darker lenses tend to make the eyes more protected from UV rays, but the darker the lens can create uncomfort condition in reading. If you are a person who reads a lot outdoor, polarized bifocal sunglasses with gradient tint lenses may be more suitable for you. Gradient tint lenses have a darker color at the top, and lighter color or tint at the bottom. Sometimes pay a visit to an optometrist for advice will help you choose the right polarized bifocal sunglasses. Another thing that is important to consider is the selection of frame. Lighter frames generally have higher prices. However, a lighter frame will provide comfort in the long-term use. Heavy frame will tire you out. Titanium is the best frame material, because of its light weight. If you are a person who care about the style, choose a frame shape that fit the contours of your face.

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