Mental Health Counseling Degree Courses Requirements

Mental Health Counseling Degree Courses Requirements

Mental Health Counseling Degree Courses Requirements

What courses are taught in the Mental Health Counseling Degree? What are the requirements for Mental Health Counseling Degree?

This course is an introductory course for the psychology departments Masters program in Mental Health Counseling. In addition to providing a professional orientation, it introduces a wide range of practice approaches and issues that will be explored in greater depth in individual program courses. This course introduces students to essential counseling and the building of the therapeutic alliance (e.g., therapeutic listening skills, empathy training, basic interviewing and mental status assessment). The importance of professional, ethical and multicultural concerns will be stressed.

Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Masters Degree Program in Mental Health Counseling

Cognitive/Behavioral and Behavioral Approaches to Counseling

Theories of chodynamic, Humanistic/Existential and Experiential Approaches to Counseling

This course will focus on the integration of theoretical concepts with actual counseling techniques. The course will occur during a 10 week academic term. Students will work in a program-approved field placement for a total of at least 100 hours, of which 40 hours are accounted for by direct contact with clients in activities aimed at the development of mental health counseling skills Experiences may include exposure to emergency admissions, intakes, psychopharmacology, psychiatric evaluation, in-service trainings, as well as the full spectrum of mental illness and the available range of treatment possibilities.

An approved site supervisor will administer one hour per week of individual or triadic (one supervisor meeting with two students) supervision. In addition, students will participate in an average of 1 ½ hours per week of group supervision by a faculty member. Students must obtain student liability insurance prior to field work. Students will be evaluated intermittently throughout the practicum, and with formal evaluation and documentation at the conclusion of practicum.

Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Masters in Mental Health Counseling Program and permission of the Program Director

This course is designed to advance student understanding and valuing of diversity so they can become multiculturally competent counselors. Specifically, the course will explore Other cultural groups, examine influences from Other world views and consider counseling strategies that address the others perspective. Through in-class exercises, videos, discussions and mock interventions students will gain increased knowledge and confidence in making thoughtful and sensitive counseling interventions.

Research and Program Evaluation Methods in Mental Health Counseling

Assessment and Counseling Strategies with Couples and Families

As part of this course students will be placed in a program-approved hospital, clinic or community-based mental health fieldwork setting 200 clock hours, including at least 80 hours of direct contact with actual contacts.

Students must comply with all requirements of the on-site internship supervisor and the school internship instructor, and all details as specified in the internship contract. Students are expected to gain familiarity and to act in accordance with the ACA Code of Ethics at all times. In addition to the hours at the field site, students attend class with the College of Mental Health Counseling Internship Instructor and complete the requirements of the course.

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Mental Health Counseling Degree Courses Requirements

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