Ketosis Diet Plan

Ketosis Diet Plan

Ketosis Diet is based on 30 days period. During the 30 days, an individual is required to eat a diet which is low in carbohydrates. The energy your body needs to gain to perform daily tasks must come from fat and Protein sources. Fat and protein play the most crucial role in this diet. Fat fills your body and delivers adequate amount of calories and nutrients.

What is Ketosis?

Human body produces ketones while the muscle tissue exhausts glycogen reserves. The particular situation is known as Ketosis. Ketones use fatty acids to provide energy to the body. Carbs inhibit the production of ketones.

Fat Loss
– The human body converts fat content to provide energy. The focus of this diet is to safeguard muscle mass while fat content is burned. In this way, you are able to lose fat and become slimmer. High intake of protein preserves muscle tissue which ensures body to burn fat solely.

Avoid Carbs
– You are not allowed to eat carbohydrates on Ketosis Diet Plan. You must reduce the intake of carbs to 50g per day for 30 days. The only permitted carbs are vegetables. Don''t eat starchy veggies such as potatoes. Avoid eating fruits that contain high levels of fructose.

Consume Fat
– Cream, dairy, cheese and olive oil are important items to include in this diet plan. You need to consume a lot of healthy fats. Your carb intake is low which is why you need to enhance the consumption of healthy fats. Do not eat saturated fats or trans fats which are present in most processed foods like fried food.

Consume Protein – Opt for beef, seafood, cheese, eggs, peanut butter, nuts, shakes, poultry and pork to gain huge amount of protein intake. Non starchy vegetables like peppers, cucumber, onion, Cabbage and lettuce also contain protein content.

2 Day Sample Ketosis Diet Plan

Day 1

  • Breakfast – Cheese, eggs and cream with spices
  • Lunch – Cheeseburger made of ground beef, egg, mozzarella cheese, bacon and cheddar cheese.
  • Dinner – Quiche consisting pepperoni, spices, tomato sauce and cheese.

Day 2

  • Breakfast – 2 eggs, 2 bacon rashers and 1 cooked tomatoe.
  • Lunch – Beef burger with lettuce.
  • Dinner – Mushrooms, green beans and red pepper cooked in flaxseed oil along salmon steak.
  • Snack – Yogurt along full-fat milk. Peanut butter, cream and strawberries.

Foods to Exclude

It is good to remember the foods to include in this diet. However, it is equally important to remember the foods to exclude in order to make the diet effective. Cakes, chocolates, pasta, bread, broccoli, sweet potatoes, starchy veggies, starchy fruits, carrots and salad dressing are some of the most common foods to avoid.

Pros of Ketosis Diet Plan

  • It is beneficial for kids, adults and older people.
  • The body transforms itself into ketosis condition where fat is used as fuel rather than carbs and it helps in reducing fat content.
  • Effectiveness can be seen in short time period.

Cons of Ketosis Diet Plan

  • Consuming high fat foods may lead to Hypertension or high cholesterol.
  • Breath may become smell foul.
  • Deficiency in minerals and vitamins.