ACV Genital Wart Removal

ACV Genital Wart Removal

Wart Be Gone! (Associated content)

Natural home remedies for the treatment and removal of unsightly warts.
Contributor: Nora Carver
Published: Jun 02, 2014.

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Wart removal painless at home using apple cider vinegar …

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I''ve successfully used apple cider vinegar to remove warts. I started off with only one wart, but it later spread, and it became seven warts in five years. I tried freeze drying the warts, but they only came back. Finally, I tried the acv on a whim, and was so surprised and happy when it worked. So… Here''s what you do. Take a tiny piece of cotton, soak it in the acv, and secure it with a band-aid over the wart. Change the dressing 2-3 times a day. For me, it took about a week for the smaller warts to fall off, and about two weeks for the bigger ones to do so. Hope this helps! I know how embarrassing having warts can be.

ACV for genital warts removal?

I was diagnosed with genital warts in June 2012. I went to my GP who gave me an injection and said it would go away. After 2 months of GW not clearing i went to a Gynae who prescribed Aldara cream. I''ve been using it since with no results. I heared of apple cider vineger and am skeptical about it. Has anyone tried it and what was the outcome?

Is there anything else that may help as my gynae said my warts are too small for laser treatment?

If my genital warts are all gone using ACV, is it safe to have sex, will I pass it on still??

I have HPV/genital warts…they are going away with ACV, but once they are gone…how do I know I wont pass it on to a partner. I am so worried and embarrassed…I would never want to pass that on, but I feel like I can never have sex again either. I am dating this guy and feel like I can never take it any further, I don''t feel comfortable mentioning yet…we are still so new…but I feel like I cant date him.


I was not aware that there was a medication to suppress HPV… Just Herpes…

Your warts were just the external sign of your infection.

Saying that the removal of the warts stops your ability to transmit HPV is like saying "I don''t have a break out of Herpes… I can''t spread it."

♥It is wishful thinking♥

Recent studies from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and from the University of Washington suggest that HPV may eventually be cleared, or rooted out altogether, in most people with well functioning immune systems. It appears that in some cases the virus does ♥♥ remain in the body indefinitely, producing symptoms if the immune system weakens. ♥♥

Once cells are invaded by HPV, a latency (quiet) period of months to years may occur. The latency period means the HPV virus is in an incubation period. Having sex with a partner whose HPV infection is in the incubation period still leaves one vulnerable to becoming infected. HPV virus can last from 3 months to 2 years without visible changes, making it difficult for an infectee to establish the source of infection.

What ^That means is that you have had this for MUCH LONGER THEN YOU THOUGHT and have passed it on, potentially, to anyone you have slept with in the last 3 YEARS.

A virus is something that will stay with you for LIFE… There is no way to get rid of a virus…

♥♥ PLEASE… Take this seriously… I am not trying to scare you or BS you… This is FACT… ♥♥

You should contact ANYONE you have had ANY sexual contact with… That includes ORAL AND HAND CONTACT with your genitals… And inform them that they need to go in and be checked out.

HPV doesn''t just cause cancer in women… Men can get oral, anal, and penial cancer from exposure to HPV. The worst part is that men can carry it for YEARS before they show signs and pass it on with no idea at all that they are the source of their own private plague…

PLEASE do some research on HPV…

HPV Http://
Papillomaviruses are a diverse group of DNA-based viruses that infect the skin and mucous membranes of humans and a variety of animals. Approximately 130 human papillomavirus (HPV) types have been identified.

Some HPV types can cause warts while others may cause a subclinical infection resulting in precancerous lesions. All HPVs are transmitted by skin-to-skin contact and/or by fomites.

About 30-40 HPV types are typically transmitted through sexual contact and infect the anogenital region. Some sexually transmitted HPVs may cause genital warts. However, other HPV types which may infect the genitals do not cause any noticeable signs of infection.

Persistent infection with a "high-risk" subset of sexually transmitted HPVs — different from the ones that cause warts — may lead to potentially precancerous lesions and can progress to invasive cancer. HPV infection is a necessary factor in the development of nearly all cases of cervical cancer.[1]

A cervical Pap smear is used to detect cellular abnormalities. This allows targeted surgical removal of condylomatous and/or potentially precancerous lesions prior to the development of invasive cervical cancer. Although the widespread use of Pap testing has reduced the incidence and lethality of cervical cancer in developed countries, the disease still kills several hundred thousand women per year worldwide. HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix, which block initial infection with some of the most common sexually transmitted HPV types may lead to further decreases in the incidence of HPV-induced cancer.[2]