A N Y B O D Y H E A L T H Y . C O M

A N Y B O D Y H E A L T H Y . C O M


When your head unintentionally collided with hard things and it is painful, what shall you do? Spontaneously, you will wipe gently the painful area with your fingers and the pain will gradually decrease.

When a baby woke up and cried loudly in the midnight , what shall the mother do? Instinctively, the mother will hug the baby and wipe the back and the head of the baby gently, and the baby feels comfort and stop crying.

When you made a visit of condolence to your friend’s home because one of beloved parents passed away, what shall you do? Firstly, you certainly hug tightly your friend who was grieving. Really, the grieved friend seemed to get more strength in facing the misfortune.

The above mentioned illustrations can indicated the same things, that is the strength of touching which will results in touching miracles. Massage is the art of reserving and recovering the healthiness with the use of touching which is then producing the effects of touching miracles. Therefore, philosophically massage seemed to be created for the sake of human’s health. Isn’t the touching the part of human’s instinct?

Have you had diarrhea, diarrhea and vomiting, or get poisoned caused by food? How long did you have to suffer, and how was the medical treatment you got and how was its effectiveness? I can tell you that in facing the same cases, massaging therapy can recover the patient immediately after having the massaging. Am I in the group of powerful people? Not, at all. I only use the power of touching to produce its effects.

Essentially, there is no food we consume that is really sterile even with the food prepared for the President. When it is exposed to the air, then millions of microscopic organisms, including those of pathogenic contaminate the food. Why don’t we get sick soon? It is because the human body has natural mechanisms which are complex but intelligent and effective to fight the attack of the pathogenic organisms. Due to any causes, the natural mechanisms can be obstructed and then we get sick. In massage therapy, I just produce stimulation by means of massaging with the right and correct methods, so that the natural mechanisms in the body work optimally resulting in health recovery.

Upon our knowledge or not, we often let our natural mechanisms decays. Heavy polluted air exposure, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking and alcohol, foods containing hazardous chemicals, food supplements that the usefulness of which is questioned, and so on, have become the part of our lifestyle. In medical therapy, tens or even thousands of medication seemed to be the right choice. However, in fact, the use of medication often doesn’t provide satisfying solution, whereas the side effects are so terrible. I believe to think that the above matters give contribution to the abatement of health condition, which is among others indicated by decays of vital organ such as kidneys and liver. This is closely related with the neutralization process against poison in the body. When the organ of kidneys or liver decays and fails to work, what do we hope?

I am very convinced that human body is created perfectly. When we let it decayed, intentionally or not, it is absolutely our mistake. If I choose and work at my profession, it is encouraged by one conviction that with continues efforts and exploration, many new things will be revealed from the strength of touching producing its miracle effects. Remember, touching is a part of human’s instinct. The human body certainly knows what is best for it.


Sports Massage & Massage Therapy Practitioner

Be clever in everything, because the stupidity will cause the unfortunates. Take care of your health cleverly, because health is the most precious asset in your life.

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