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A Brief Summary Of Typical Signs Identified With Pancreatic Cancer  Health and Fitness Blog - 2HealthAndWellness.com

October 1, 2008A Brief Summary Of Typical Signs Identified With Pancreatic Cancer

People who receive from a doctor the diagnosis of any type of cancer will often feel emotionally like theyve been hit by a car. The news can be devastating, even when symptoms have been apparent leading up to the exam.

Despite the initial sense of despair, it is important to discuss potential treatments with a knowledgeable physician and to begin steps to recovery. This is perhaps even more imperative for cancer of the pancreas.

Pancreatic cancer symptoms are frequently hard to detect, meaning this potentially deadly disease is very difficult to diagnose early. Its crucial that patients know that most of these evidences wont exhibit themselves until after the cancer is in a progressed state. For an overview of common symptoms, keep reading.

One of the most common pancreatic cancer symptoms are pains in the upper abdomen that spreads to the back. Often patients experiencing this kind of pain will feel relief when they lean forward, relieving pressure on the affected area.

Pain is typically present in about 80% of patients with either local or metastatic forms of pancreatic cancer. The pain can sometimes be made worse by eating.

Loss of appetite and subsequent weight loss are also common symptoms associated with pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, appetite loss and decreased weight are also symptoms associated with a number of other diseases and ailments, including digestive issues.

Since pancreatic cancer can block the bile duct - which flows partly through the head of the pancreas - jaundice is a frequent symptom of the disease. Tumors that develop on the pancreas are typically the root of jaundice development, which is characterized by a yellowing of the skin.

Typically, jaundice for patients with pancreatic cancer is accompanied by dark urine and pruritus, or itching. Approximately half of pancreatic cancer patients with local forms of the disease experience painful jaundice while the other half with a curable or resectable lesion experience painless yellowing of the skin.

Trusseau Sign is a secondary or complex evidence where blood clots form in portal blood vessels, deep veins and superficial veins spontaneously. It is sometimes associated with or common to patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Though not as exhaustively accounted or referenced, depression is a subtle side effect of pancreatic cancer. The clinical depression often develops even before the disease is detected. Doctors and researchers are still unsure why or how the two connect.

To properly diagnose pancreatic cancer, your doctor must either do a liver function test or check for certain markers, like CA19-9, which indicate the presence of pancreatic cancer when detected in high amounts. Most patients are not screened until the above symptoms are presented.

CT scans and ultrasounds are other common methods of detecting pancreatic cancer and used to detect visible tumors or lesions. An endoscopic ultrasound or biopsy can also be used to obtain and test tissue samples.

If you have two or more immediate family members (or three or more extended relatives) who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer symptoms, you should ask your doctor about early screening for the disease. Pancreatic cancer symptoms often dont present themselves until it is too late, making early screening critical for those at risk.


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