There are hundreds of ways to

There are hundreds of ways to

There are hundreds of ways to reduce weight. You will get thousands of tips from your friends, family and dietician regarding how to lose weight. However, not all the ways and tips are effective in real life. Tea diet is an effective approach for the individuals looking to bring themselves back in shape.

Both, green tea and white tea have numerous benefits for the consumers. Tea diet is essential when it comes to weight reduction.

Green Tea

Green tea has more benefits as compared to white tea. Green tea is consumed daily by people of China. Chinese people stay healthy and live longer because they consume green tea several times during the day. Green tea is most effective when taken before going to bed.

Benefits of Green Tea

  • Teeth health
  • Improved condition of gums
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases eye health
  • Fights against illness
  • Reduces the risk of developing different kinds of cancers

White Tea

Majority of the people must have not heard about white tea. It is the least known variety of tea. White tea helps just like green tea in losing weight. Green tea is more preferred because it has other benefits else than weight reduction. However, white tea also has several other benefits attached to itself.

Benefits of White Tea

  • Burns fats rapidly
  • Greater health benefits as compared to green tea
  • Acts as natural appetite suppressant by reducing cravings for unhealthy foods
  • Leaves are not processed which allows maximum nutrition to be stored within the tea
  • Low caffeine inclusion in the tea
  • Tastes great
  • No stains to teeth making it a complete tea diet package
  • Adds freshness to the lifestyle

How to Keep a Tea Diet?

You can choose one of the teas as major inclusion in your tea diet. For example, you may include green tea as a major by drinking it regularly and including white tea as a minor by drinking twice or thrice a week only.

The best part is that you don''t need to do anything special to lose weight when you are on a tea diet. Tea diet is inexpensive, easy to maintain and requires no effort at all. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to make a cup of green or white tea. Make sure you keep a routine of consuming at least 3 cups of tea daily. Tea in breakfast, evening and before going to bed should be kept as a routine.

Are there any side effects of Tea Diet?

Tea diet is a great way to lose weight as it has no side effects. All other dieting methods are not harm proof as they have some sort of side effects. On the other hand, tea diet is harm proof. Dieticians and doctors suggest that tea diet is the safest method to adopt when you are looking for a healthy lifestyle while reducing weight.

Unlike other diet plans there is no need to consult a dietician before starting tea diet plan to cut down weight. Add freshness to your lifestyle by reducing the consumption of unhealthy food items and maintaining tea diet.